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Our Founder

53rd Annual California Cup 2025

Welcome to the 2025 version of the California Cup Field Hockey Tournament. Since we started in 1972 with six men’s teams, we have expanded close one hundred fifty teams for men, women, boys and girls with players from under five years of age to over eighty. 

Over the years we have sent many young men to play in the Pan American and Olympic Games. Many of the young women who were scouted at our event have received hockey scholarships to universities across America.  At this time, young men who gained experience in Cal Cup are currently playing and studying in Australia, Germany and England. Locally, a hockey scholarship is offered at Moorpark College.

Teams continue to come to Cal Cup from all over the world. These teams have opened doors for local teams to travel to distant countries from Argentina, Chile and Mexico to Germany, Spain and Great Britain.

I have enjoyed playing in all the California Cup Tournaments since we started.  I look forward to continuing.  It is a great sport a person can enjoy for life.

Tom Harris

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